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Tough Blinds for All Seasons

Our blinds are built to withstand the elements, featuring hard sides and rugged construction to hold up to extreme weather.

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Hunting Blinds,
Made Right

Maximize your hunting experience with 360-degree views and a blind that lets you hunt comfortably, even in strong winds, cold weather, and hard rain.

Experience maverick blinds

Why Maverick or Booner Blinds?

Our blinds allow you to gun, bow, and crossbow hunt, both on the ground or from a platform. Choose from various colors with clear or tinted plexiglass windows and paintable walls to customize the blind to fit your hunting needs.

Hunt Where You Want To, When You Want TO

All-weather construction
360-degree viewing and shooting
Easy to transport
No yearly setup or takedown

The Toughest Blinds

At Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters, we put every product that we ever use through a tougher test than most hunters ever do. The lightweight but rigid build of Maverick Blinds allows us to carry them into the most remote, roughest...

Brett Carden
Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters

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