Maximize your hunting experience with Maverick Blinds, designed to last a lifetime and stand up to any weather you'll face during the hunting season. With no more yearly setup or takedown and a 360-degree viewing and shooting, you'll be able to focus on what matters most: your hunt. Maverick Blinds come in two half-shell pieces and ship on a pallet. The two-piece design is extremely easy to transport and simple to assemble.

Upgrade your blind with our wide range of unique accessories, or browse replacemenet parts to get your blind season-ready.

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Booner Blinds

Stay camouflaged and protected with Booner Blinds, made from UV-stabilized, all-weather materials. Durable, versatile, and customizable, these blinds are built to fit your specific hunting situation. Booner Blinds come as individual panels and ship in a box for compact and organized assembly in your garage or the field.

The Toughest Blinds

At Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters, we put every product that we ever use through a tougher test than most hunters ever do. The lightweight but rigid build of Maverick Blinds allows us to carry them into the most remote, roughest terrain and they have held up. We have had ours knocked down from towers and bluffs due to extreme winds, and they still did not lose shape or have any structural damage. We use Maverick Blinds not only because of the great functionality of the blinds, but also because they are the toughest blinds we have come across. We use them every day of the season, and they do not ever fail us.

Brett Carden
Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters